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"I am more Gnatus because I value the quality not only of the procedures I perform, but also the equipment I use. When buying a dental equipment like to inform me with others who already use the equipment, or the technicians who do maintenance in dental offices. Whenever I hear that Gnatus is the brand that offers the best value and the best guarantee. I use and also recommend".

Paulo Victor De Queiroz Freitas – Dentist
10/10/2014 - Quixadá / CE (Brazil)

"The smile of my patients makes me done! I am thinking of them that choose the best equipment to provide the best comfort and service! Thank you, Gnatus, for helping me to multiply smiles and change lives!"

Larissa Oliveira Lopes de Vasconcelos - Dental Surgeon
25/10/2014 - Fortaleza / CE (Brazil)

"I am more Gnatus, because I know and trust in their products, know never leave me in hand, since they are made with excellence and competence, and all made with the highest quality!"

Iranaldo Jose de Almeida - Dental Student
25/10/2014 - Fortaleza / CE (Brazil)

"I am more Gnatus because it is the company that always brings something new and different every day. The best prices and an incredible variety of products for the dental surgeon. Also, always have a service of excellent quality. With that creates bonds of friendship, being a major partner in the office".

Brunella Barcelos Brunella - Dental Student
15/10/2014 - Vila Velha / ES (Brazil)

"I am very Gnatus, as the company demonstrates the market to its full potential in production and sale of dental materials. Quality, sophistication and modernity are discussed in its concept, and the result is known to all. We must also show that the care received in the store is excellent. Thanks to Gnatus for being part of my days!"

Maria Leticia de Souza Queiroz Pulcheri - Dental Surgeon
21/10/2014 - Anchieta / ES (Brazil)

"Strongest devices! A competent, modern and responsible. Always aimed at customers well-being, providing comfort and quality service".

Pamela da Silva Marquiori - Dental Surgeon
28/10/2014 - Barra de São Francisco / ES (Brazil)

"Gnatus is the best brand that exists in the market. It has an excellent anatomy and makes little noise. I graduated seven years ago, advise and recommend Gnatus, the number one brand of dentists".

Sanna Suellen Coimbra file - Dental Surgeon
15/10/2014 - Caxias / MA (Brazil)

"I am more Gnatus because it is considered the best company in dental equipment. Even still being a student, I know that this company provides guarantee the best quality product. Gnatus is the best".

Karlla Danielly Fernandes Da Cruz – Dental Student
06/10/2014 - Itaúna / MG (Brazil)

"I am more Gnatus, because my job satisfaction is achieved every day, working with pleasure and comfort! The equipment for quality assurance to have a proper functioning without concern. Patients always giving a good return of service quality!"

Denise Liguori Fialho - Dental Surgeon
08/10/2014 - Belo Horizonte / MG (Brazil)

"I choose the equipment and Gnatus products because they are in a high standard of quality and constant innovation. In addition, such equipment has to dentists and customer confidence and accuracy at the time of use, which makes it suitable for both the professional and for the client. The brand Gnatus has grown a lot in the market and stood out, so I AM MORE GNATUS!"

Gabriella Souza da Mata - Dental Student
15/10/2014 - Uberlândia / MG (Brazil)

"I am more Gnatus, because it is a brand that invests in its equipment technology, always thinking about the welfare professional who is behind that chair working all day and in the comfort of their patients. Also, we know that it is a brand that has".

Hugo Gonçalves Dutra - Dental Student
25/10/2014 - Raul Soares / MG (Brazil)

"The Gnatus offices have differentiated quality also innovative models that attract more and more customers who want to get their clinical differential. Another of its advantages is the great technical assistance area. These small details are what make your differential".

Benicio Francisco da Silva - DDS
20/10/2014 - Brejo dos Santos / PB (Brazil)

"I am more Gnatus, because I am confident in their equipment. With them, I had the opportunity to develop and put into practice the knowledge acquired over the years in Dentistry degree. I trust Gnatus and I intend to continue this partnership in a new step ahead in my life: The labor market".

Maria Cecilia Freire de Melo - Dental Surgeon
07/10/2014 - Recife / PE (Brazil)

"Gnatus is a serious company with excellent quality equipment. Moreover, it is always innovating and thinking about the technology associated with ergonomics. Recommend!"

Janileide of Galvao Gomes Nascimento - Dental Student
11/10/2014 - Tuparetama / PE (Brazil)

"I am more Gnatus because the company always wins in quality and comfort with all others. Gnatus, and offers the best market prices, offers the best product. Without thinking twice, I am Gnatus".

Patricia Spinelli de Queiroz Santos - Dental Surgeon
20/10/2014 - Recife / PE (Brazil)

" I am more Gnatus, because it is the only market that presents Innovation, Efficiency, Technology and durability in its products, bringing better health and comfort for the professional and the patient".

Marilya Gerontius Luna Lins - Dental Student
23/10/2014 - Palmares / PE (Brazil)

" I am more Gnatus because the equipment is sophisticated and high quality and technical assistance is great".

Yara Carolina France Heckert - Dental Surgeon
08/10/2014 - Loanhead / PR (Brazil)

"Certainly the most complete products today on the market, with unrivaled quality".

Leonardo Souza Rafael Chaves - Dentist
15/10/2014 - Curitiba / PR (Brazil)

"I am more Gnatus, because it is the most complete brand market. Modern, comfortable and in tune. It features innovative equipment that provide greater efficiency and security to the dentist. All I and my patient need, at a price more than special!"

Carla Fiori Franus - Dental Surgeon
23/10/2014 - Cafelândia / PR (Brazil)

"Working with special patients and, for an agile and secure service, it is ideal to opt for a practice without limitations. And every comfort is always very welcome, both for my patients and for me, as many cases require extreme working positions. All this combined with a technical assistance network first, make Gnatus my first choice!"

Marcela Vanessa Gomes - Dental Student
24/10/2014 - Curitiba / PR (Brazil)

"Just who are more Gnatus can offer quality services and achieve significant quantities to grow professionally. Thank Gnatus, the chance to dream bigger".

Danyelle Blanski Zimmer - Dental Surgeon
27/10/2014 - Guarapuava / PR (Brazil)

"I am more Gnatus because Gnatus is much quality for dentistry. It Gnatus equipment and the exchange will be for modernization and not because they stopped working. Best ratio".

Ingrid Moutinho Cumani - Dental Student
09/10/2014 - Itaboraí / RJ (Brazil)

"I am more Gnatus, because it is a device that combines elegance, design, comfort and technology to my work and to my patient".

Marcia Rita Fernandes Carnevali - Dental Surgeon
24/10/2014 - Rio de Janeiro – RJ Parnamirim / RN (Brazil)

"I am more Gnatus because Gnatus meets my expectations, giving satisfaction in working and contributing to my success".

Claudia Emerich dos Santos - Dental Surgeon
25/10/2014 - Nova Friburgo / RJ Parnamirim / RN (Brazil)

"Gnatus is the brand that is featured in dentistry. Excellent ergonomics, designer and comfort for patients. Dentists confirm: Gnatus is the number 1 market".

Carla Carolina Cavalcanti Teixeira - Dental Student
24/10/2014 - Parnamirim / RN (Brazil)

"I am more Gnatus because it is a company that has managed to unite the sophistication and design of products with the quality offered. Also, the customer support of the company, both in the pre and post-sales".

Patricia Hatschbach - Dental Student
21/10/2014 - Santa Maria / RS (Brazil)

"I am more Gnatus, the excellence and beauty of their equipment. Combined with the latest technology and striking design, its products are an excellent choice for those seeking the best in quality, comfort and aesthetics".

Murilo Schoppan Grehs - Dentist
30/10/2014 - Sant´ Angelo / RS (Brazil)

"A great Dental Set, appreciated among all the patients for the design and comfort and, particularly for the easily practicability in the daily usage".

Dr. Piccardo Uberto - Implantology Specialist
27/11/2014 - Genova / Italia

I’ve been working with Gnatus’ dental sets for two years. Its products are made with high quality and technology. They are easy to use and very ergonomic. These characteristics reflect both the seriousness with which the company is run as its concern for the dentist.

Emre Çağlar
04/11/2010 - Antalya, Turkey

For more than 3 years the Department of Propedeutic Dentistry has been cooperating with Firma Krug, which represents Gnatus , Brazil in CIS. Lecturers and students have been trained using Gnatus Dental Sets. We would like to note excellent technical performance , modern design and full compliance with ergonomics criteria. This cooperation allows us to optimise clinical work and training process. We are grateful to Firma Krug and its genral director I Rozhkov as well as to Gnatus and Mr Nomelini for this fruitful cooperation and we hope to continue our joint work in the future.

V A Kunin, Grand PhD *Head of the chair of propedeutic dentistry of State Medical Academy
28/07/2008 - Russia

Dental Clinic at State Medical Academy named after N N Bourdenko is equipped with the dental sets manufactured by Gnatus , Brazil. The reports on performance of this equipments are favourable. We would like to express our highly positive opnion with regards to the technical specifications and parameters of this equipment and hope to continue our further cooperation.

Y A Ippolitov *Chief Doctor of the dental Clinic of Voronezh State Medical Academy
28/07/2008 - Russia

Over More than 10 years The Institute of Dentistry at Voronezh State Medical Academy named after N N Bourdenko and the Department of Therapeutic Dentistry of the Bourdenko Voronezh State Medical Academy has been cooperating with Gnatus by purchasing Gnatus dental sets. We are pleased to confirm the longevity of Gnatus dental sets, their modern design, and full compliance with the requirements of dental treatment and dental training for students of all years as well as postgraduate studies. We are planning to continue to purchase dental sets manufactured by Gnatus in the future.

A.A.Kunin , Grand PhD *Director of Inst. of Dentistry at NN Bourdenko Voronezh State Medical Academy
28/07/2008 - Russia

I appreciate Gnatus as a dynamic and customer oriented Company. Due to the effort and to the investments of all the Gnatus team, I have noticed a continue improvement of design and quality of the products. Gnatus actually represents the best ratio quality price of the world.

Dr Raluca Honciuc * Specialist in Parodontology; Graduated at University of Modena, Italy
17/12/2007 - Romania

The partnership between our *LEIC and *LDCT labs and Gnatus has been proving it to be a worth relationship, which can be seen from the results that are obtained as it evolves. For us from the academy, Gnatus’ clarity has been highlighted regarding their goals with us, and its sharp perception on the role of a research center and its respective value in this relationship to promote a meeting point between knowledge and technological innovation. We believe this meeting point is one of the bases to build a competitive company, which is capable of sustaining itself in the fierce global market. For us from *LEIC and *LDCT, we are enriching our activities and researches and the level o four students, and we are proud for taking part in this task of making a Brazilian brand perpetual all over the world. *LDCT - Laboratório de Difusão de Conhecimento Tecnológico (Lab for Diffusion of Technological Knowledge) *LEIC - Laboratório de Engenharia da Informação e Comunicação (Lab for Information and Communication Engineering)

Prof. Frederico Dias Nunes *Chief of the LEIC and LDCT labs – Federal University of Pernambuco
27/06/2006 - Pernambuco - Brazil

The success of modern enterprises results from their technological innovation capabilities. Particularly for companies in the health segment, innovation must be continuous, following new techniques and concepts as they come about. Gnatus has been showing it is a company ahead of its own time, as even prior to the implementation of the Tax Incentives for Innovation, it was already collaborating with Universities and Research Centers, trying to bring to its clients always the most recent developments in its field. For us at the University of São Paulo, it is a pleasure to collaborate with a company that has a vision such as Gnatus does.

Prof. Vanderlei Salvador Bagnato *Coordinator of the Optics Group of USP’s Physics Institute USP-SC
27/06/2006 - São Carlos/SP - Brazil

As a School for Enhancements, we perceive warranty and technical support offerings by Gnatus as an important added value of its products, mainly taking into account the continuous use of equipments by professionals and students. The readiness and professionalism shown when the resellers provide us services are also differentials. For these reasons and naturally owing to the quality of the products and their cost effectiveness, we have chosen Gnatus for our institution.

Prof. Dr. Fernando Tavares *President ABO-PE
27/06/2006 - Recife/PE - Brazil

Today Gnatus is on the limelight in Dentistry. I have been using its products for 3 years, and I am satisfied with the quality of the equipments and with the personalized services provided by its representatives in Lavras (MG).

Dr. Washington Loureiro Júnior *Dentist/Professor of Dentistry at UNILAVRAS
27/06/2006 - Lavras/MG - Brazil

Quality, technology and design were the decisive factors for me to choose Gnatus, about two years ago.

Dr. Ana Paula Pádua N. Teixeira *Specialist in Dental Prosthetics and Professor at UNILAVRAS
27/06/2006 - Lavras/MG - Brazil

14 years ago I’ve bought my first Gnatus dental unit, and currently I have other 5 in my clinic, apart from the peripherals. I do believe the cost effectiveness of Gnatus’ equipments is ideal, as they add leading edge technology at very competitive prices. It is worth owning a Gnatus unit. I always negotiate, make offers, and the deal always goes through. Their Campinas Branch must be praised for the services they provided to Dental Professionals.

Dr. Luís André Andrade * Dentist
27/06/2006 - Campinas/SP - Brazil

When we started the project of the clinic, we were lucky that we found the GNATUS personnel, who designed a marvelous project. We also signed an agreement that made possible the investment, which enabled us to complete the project without problems.

Dr.Prof. Luiz Felipe Cabral Mauro *Dean of the Araraquara University Center - Uniara
26/09/2005 - Araraquara/SP - Brazil