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Gnatus develops partnership of excellence in Portugal


Gnatus formalizes a partnership of excellence in a market of extreme importance and significance on the world stage.

The Excellentrelax is a consolidated and well recognized company on Portugal acting in a strategic market segment, together with the Institute of Implantology and Dental Medicine of Lisbon, and from this month strengthens the presence and the Gnatus brand position in the Portuguese market.

According to the Trader Europe, Mr. Paul Dobes, "Gnatus reaffirms the wisest investment in a particular economic environment as in Portugal and other European countries."

Members of the photo (left to right):
Rafael Matos (Technical Director - Excellentrelax), Bruno Henriques (Director General - Excellentrelax), Paul Dobes (Trader Europe - Gnatus), Professor Dr. Joao Caramés (Founding Director - Institute of Implantology) and Vasco Vicente (Commercial Director - Excellentrelax)

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