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Gnatus celebrates important Partnership with SAP and Trust


Gnatus Equipamentos Medico-Odontológicos Ltda begins another important milestone in its history of progress, technology and innovation. This time, the company partners with SAP and Trust companies also joined in seeking improvement in the areas of management and business analysis and technology integration.

Gnatus got, through solutions offered by SAP and TRUST, the improvement of its business processes, using best practice management solutions.

The partnership aims to provide a robust, scalable and functionally comprehensive platform system, to monitor the growth and diversification of business conducted by Gnatus, which over 37 years in the market is present throughout the world, exporting to more than 137 countries , on every continent, the result of a continued focus on working with Research and Innovation.

"The hallmark of Gnatus is its great capacity for innovation. It is this characteristic that has provided our great growth and maturity in a highly competitive market. To continue on this route and keep us Leaders, also we are always thinking and working on internal innovation to be prepared for a more and more competitive environment. With SAP and Trust we found the necessary security to follow this journey, "said Helio Siqueira, Gnatus CFO.

Thus, the partnership with SAP and Trust will align with the best market practices in the management and control of information and technological support to the business processes of Gnatus also improve IT practices in terms of their management, internal processes, productivity , technology and human resources.

To seal this new partnership, happened on the 10th of July, a breakfast with representatives of Gnatus, SAP and Trust, a meeting that aimed to inaugurate this new phase of the company.

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