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Gnatus Partner Unicorn training in New Delhi, India


At the beginning of July, the Distributor Gnatus in India held a three-day training in New Delhi at The Crown Plaza Hotel.
The training aimed to expand the technical and commercial knowledge of the entire sales team Unicorn.

According to the Chief Operating Officer of Unicorn, Rajendra Misra, Unicorn has expanded its sales team by hiring experienced professionals in their sales force. Emphasizes that all the 21 company showrooms throughout India are equipped with latest and most modern Gnatus products, reinforcing the brand's presence in the country.

Further highlights the commitment of a 'special policy' used to boost sales and increase customer confidence in the offices Gnatus. A three year warranty was stipulated and the plans emphasized by Rajendra Misra, who has begun to yield great results.

Proudly pointed out the inauguration of the Unicorn Training Center, a center for world-class training, for use by its team of services. This training center is equipped with all products Gnatus, in order to provide training and all possible solutions related to services, providing better support for customer service.

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