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Gnatus receives Auditors from Romania


From the 3rd to the 5th day of September, Gnatus has welcomed the Romanian Auditors, Mr. Virgil Iliescu and Mr. George Florin Antonescu, of the National Commission Controlling Nuclear Activity (CNCAN).

In such occasion, the Auditors were welcomed by Mr. Paulo Dobes, Gnatus Trader Europe, who also counted with the full assistance of Gnatus Quality Team Mr. Ricardo Ravanelli and Ms. Aline Anphylo.

Aiming to audit all procedures and measurements regarding to Gnatus X-Rays (Timex 70E and Sommo) in Gnatus factory, “the cooperation and professionalism of the Auditors successfully allowed our common mission to be achieved. Again, knowledge by experience and seriousness from these foreign sharp eyes contribute a lot for the evolution of a company, all suggestions and learning from this audition (both sides) just motivate us in Gnatus to keep working with the excellence that is reflected in the products we offer”, explains Mr. Paulo Dobes.

The experienced Auditors emphasizes that, from all companies they audit throughout the world, Gnatus has particularly a great quality system on the analyzed X-Rays devices. “Expressing our enormous gratitude to the Mr. Iliescu and Mr. Antonescu, we can say Mission Accomplished”, ends the sentence Mr. Dobes.

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