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Gnatus presents technologic innovation with the G3 New Set


The traditional Gnatus quality is present in another of its release, the Gnatus G3 New, which offers the most advanced technology and multi-function controls.

Completely renovated and a brilliant design, the details of this unit have more modern forms, highlighting accessories that make all the difference.

"It is a modern equipment, which carefully studied the ergonomics issues, aseptic and aesthetics to meet a broad group of professionals", explains Mr. Eduardo Honorato, Gnatus Product Designer.

The delivery unit with pneumatic arm offers PAD with negatoscope, wide and stable tray, also allows coupling of up to five work stations. Further, the water unit has an exclusive proximity sensor, automatically performing the drive to detect the approach of the patient, providing greater practicality, safety and economy of water for each clinical procedure.

"The G3 New features exclusive design and brings new technological attributes that will delight the most demanding professionals. One example is its new system for proximity sensor that activates the water flow into the spittoon during the approach of the patient, resulting in even more biosafety and water savings", says the Dentist and Marketing Manager for Gnatus, Dr. Francisco Rehder.

The Gnatus New Office G3 has been rethought for professionals seeking a new concept, but without giving up comfort, versatility and biosafety.

Still, the New G3 offers 22 color options to suit all styles and tastes.

"The New G3 is already a success", adds Rehder.

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